Looking for a better portfolio tracker

Wondering if what I am looking for exists, as everything I’ve tried is lacking.

deBank is nice, but it doesn’t capture everything. And you can’t link multiple wallets as one total portfolio.

I think what would be ideal is a tracker that is a combination of manual entry and wallet scanning. Fully manually would be ok too, as long as you could manually add NFTs from Uniswap LPs (even the ones that are staked on Revert for autocompounding). Being able to see the total value of multiple wallets is what I’m after.

Does anything out there exist?

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8 thoughts on “Looking for a better portfolio tracker”

  1. Check out [Rotki](https://rotki.com/). It’s open source, keeps data local, and it comes with a bunch of features for free. Not everything is integrated yet as it is still under active development, but it’s the best portfolio tracker out there that I know of. And it’s only $12/mo for the paid features, which goes to supporting the indie dev team lead by Ethereum OG Lefteris Karapetsas. Well worth the monthly charge to support these guys imo.

  2. I have not been able to actually make that work with my ledger account. I talked to support and they had told me the feature wasn’t working. Has that changed? Have you made it work with ledger? I know they say it’s possible but I have yet to see it work.


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