Long-Term Portfolio Tracker — Annual Income, Cap Gains, and Dollar-Cost-Averaging Schedule

I created this portfolio tracking sheet to help people track their net worth and gains on investments over time. It is best suited for long term investors, as it allows you to track the annual dividend income generated from each investment, as well as capital gains. Perhaps most importantly, it allows you to enter your Thesis on each investment, which categorizes them into groups like “Value stocks,” “Growth stocks,” “Real Estate,” et cetera. Then you can enter what percentage of your portfolio you want each of these groups to make up, based on risk tolerance. Having done so, you can then enter goal weights for each investment within its section. Doing so creates a schedule for you, which tells you how much to invest in each asset per week, should you want to dollar-cost-average into your favorite assets rather than lump-sum invest.

As investors, it is important that we have tools to control our portfolios and make sure our money is allocated properly. As Drucker said, “What gets measured gets managed.”

Excuse the self-promotion ; I am sure this will be deleted in some subs but that’s okay. I think I am providing some good value here.

Anyway, here is the spreadsheet link for those interested:


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