List of useful Telegram Channels for Defi/Memecoin/Crypto Plays

Just sharing some of my personal favorite TG Channels to find new info about memecoins/ degen plays and what not.

@ defiapecalls (A very popular one, posts hyped shitcoins, good if you get in as soon as he posts)
@ moonhuntercalls (OG in the space since the early BSC Days, not as degen, regular updates about the projects that get shared)
@ wagmiapecalls (Small channel, combination of Degen and more Utility plays, provides math and strategy behind reasoning)
@ alirugs (Degen calls mainly in BSC, lot’s of memes and funny GIFS, cool vibes)
@ powsgemcalls (Very respected, posts small cap shitcoins and NFT’s, doesn’t accept promo posts)
@ gambitcalls (Quality memecoins with proven teams & connections, regularly offers whitelist for shilling)
@ shitcoinstoday (Everyday list of shitcoin whitelists, presales & fair launches, very degen)
@ shatoshigeeksquad (Good track record of memecoin plays, only promotes good looking ones)

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4 thoughts on “List of useful Telegram Channels for Defi/Memecoin/Crypto Plays”

  1. Each channel that has “calls” in its name is a shill p&d channel.

    There are less than 1% useful crypto channels on TG and these aren’t them.


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