List of token holders excluding smart contracts etc.?

Hey everyone, I am kind of a rookie in this field. I’m currently studying for my masters and for the thesis, my professor and me had the ‘idea’ that writing about decentralization or rather wealth distribution/governance in the Defi space would be a great idea. The problem is the following: I would need a list of token holders, excluding those contracts that are irrelevant for an analysis of token distribution (like smart contracts etc., since they might be holding a big amount of tokens but are not meaningful to the analysis). I can’t really code, so this route is not an option.
Does anyone of you know if there are any resources i could use to obtain such a list or anything close for e.g., Uniswap, Maker..?

If not, are there any other ways i could do an analysis on this topic?
Thanks in advance guys

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  1. Hey, I quite understand being lost in the whole ecosystem. I’ll try to explain it as easy as possible with an example.

    First of all. What’s an explorer?

    Explorer is basically a browser for transaction (thus blockchain is internet of money). Think of this as of google for a ledger. Alllllll right. Let’s dive further.

    Uniswap and Maker DAO are made on Ethereum network. This is a mainnet. Uniswap Tokens and Maker DAO Tokens are also on Polygon network (side chain of ETH) and other networks including:

    – Arbitrum (layer 2 for ETH)

    – Binance Smart Chain (completely different network, made by Binance)

    – Optimism (L2 for ETH)


    So if you would like to have the whole information you would need to check all of these Explorers.

    But first, so you will know how to find them all:

    1. Go to coingecko website

    2. Look for token you need

    3. Find INFO and look for “Explorers”

    4. Click 3 dots, you’ll see all of the explorers (these are explorers for different chains)

    5. Click on explorer you want to examine, like -> [](

    6. You’ll see “holders”, click on it

    7. You see holder list. Whenever and address on the left has an icon on the left of the address, which looks like contract it means it’s a smart contract.

    Note, that most of smart contracts you’ll see are in top 100 holders. Smart contracts with small amount of UNI tokens are most likely Smart Contract wallets/bots etc.

    Hope it helps. If i find any Agregated holder tool, which would speed up your work I’ll post it here. If you got any questions you can always hit me up on dm (no crypto scams), or tag me somewhere.


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