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I have been deep diving to defi since November and have stake some of my coins. I am thinking of leveraging some of the coins I’m very bullish on so I’m looking for a site where to check if a coin can be lent /borrowed. I am aware of DefiLlama but it doesn’t tell you if a coin can be borrowed.

Most lending site I see only allow eth, btc and the usual stables like dai , usdc and usdt.

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  1. Generally speaking you have to go to the protocol site and see what they offer. I’m not aware of an aggregator for the information.

    I haven’t used everything but from what I can tell, BSC and ETH have the most tokens available in their platforms. Everywhere else generally just offers stablecoins, ETH, BTC, and the gas token for the chain. Even if it’s a protocol that’s on ETH and has 50 tokens there, on other chains it’ll be barebones.

    But I know on Venus in BSC you can borrow and lend ETH, BTC, BNB, ADA, DOT, MATIC, LINK and a bunch of other tokens.

    Edit: Actually just checked Aave on Polygon and they finally updated the token list. They were the main people I was referring to when I said *Even if it’s a protocol that’s on ETH and has 50 tokens there, on other chains it’ll be barebones.*

    > Even used abra and got liquidated twice.

    Borrowing and lending might not be for you…

  2. I would have recommended Anchor protocols, but I don feel right with the rates, you might. However, Hodlnaut accept, BTC, ETH, DAI, USD, USDT WBTC. Seems limited but reasonable and safe rates on them.

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  4. if you’re looking for lending pools with more exotic tokens, you can look into fuse pools or sushi lending. they support arbitrary tokens with permissionless isolated lending pools.

  5. When Govworl is live, I believe it will have a significant advantage as a lending platform since it will address the issue of lending liquidity by allowing the community to use any recognized altcoin or NFT as collateral, which is something that is currently unavailable in any platform.

  6. DeFi has come to stay and I am here for all of it. Although I am not into lending as such, I am more about the passive income benefits of staking. I am big on projects like DAFI and YLD.

    DeFi gets more promising with projects like DAFI and its dev’s workrate. Its been over 30 integrations and partnerships with various crypto ecosystems. Its only a matter of time for this to start reflecting on price of token.

  7. Interesting that you’ve mentioned DefiLlama. I’m always checking their twitter and I’ve found [this](https://twitter.com/DefiLlama/status/1489397135237910530) yesterday (on the 4th). They are now tracking [Kalmy.APP](https://Kalmy.APP), a DeFi hub. I’m studying their protocol and how it works. It looks like they will launch a hybrid DEX soon called KalmySwap. Not sure if it fits your goals, but it looks like is possible to leverage up to x6.5 for BUSB BNB pairs.


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