Lending BNB on Radiant (BSC) earn 30.83% ???

Something is happening to Radiant Capital on the BSC.

Currently, by lending BNB on this protocol, we are making approx. 30%/year (???)

The downside is that by doing that, we might be unable to withdraw our BNB because the utilization rate is 100%.

Risk or opportunity?

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3 thoughts on “Lending BNB on Radiant (BSC) earn 30.83% ???”

  1. Binance has a launch pad for next few days. This usually happens whenever people think the token they earn is worth more than the interest they will pay. Who knows

  2. Radiant is a fairly legit project on Arbitrum. If it’s the same one then it should be trustworthy but caution is always advised.


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