LendeXe (XSD stablecoin) now on Etherium Sepolia

Dear DeFi enthusiasts,

We are proud to present **LendeXe** to you!

The past has shown that stablecoins are not really stable. This was mainly due to the fact that various stablecoins were backed by volatile tokens. At the center of our vision is the **XSD stablecoin** – one of the safest stablecoins on the market because it is backed by the three largest stablecoins: USDT, USDC and BUSD. Even if one of these stablecoins were to implode for some unknown reason, there are safety mechanics in place for such unlikely cases.

That’s why Lendexe offers several ways to mint XSD stablecoins in order to help preserve the value of one’s assets during a market downturn. In addition, XSD can be used as collateral for the Lendexe **Decentralized Lending Protocol**.

Around the XSD stablecoin, LendeXe has created a variety of products that allow anyone to secure their crypto assets or create passive income with them. From LendeXe Lending to the Ultimate Loan (**a loan for 1.5x the value of your collateral**).

We just launched on Etherium Sepolia. Our smart contracts have been audited by Certik:

In case you have any questions on our products, feel free to reach out. After spending a lot of time of developmenting, we now want to actively participate in the DeFi community and exchange with you!

Questions or comments? Let us know!

LendeXe team

// We suggest following due diligence rules before investing in DeFi projects.

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2 thoughts on “LendeXe (XSD stablecoin) now on Etherium Sepolia”

  1. I never understood why I want to use a two-bit stable coin over just using USDC, like what is the use case? Also the risk is one-sided down-only.


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