LEAPs Options Contracts or CDO Plays in crypto?? Wya

Whats the best way to bet on large macro movements in crypto, Like LEAPs or Credit Default Swaps from traditional Finance.
I know DopeX has SSOV for epochs (not perfect, too short), and GMX can Leverage long/short, but liquidation is too close to strike price for long-term optionality.
Any ideas đŸ¤”

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1 thought on “LEAPs Options Contracts or CDO Plays in crypto?? Wya”

  1. Afaik, you won’t be able to find the LEAPs from tradfi. There is one platform however that will offer up to 12 weeks, which is again not LEAPs.

    It’s lyra and no I am not a shill for it, but it really is the only platform(so far) to offer selling of both puts and calls and collecting premium right away – cash settled on expiry. However I am waiting for the next update to remove some restrictions(cannot buy/sell delta below 0.1 and 0.9)


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