Labswap Ecosystem | The most Organic and Transparent Project on BNB Chain | DEX | Dual Token Mechanism | $LAB & $FLASK | Low MCap | Not Tax fees | LabScientistDAO NFT collection launching soon!! keep it on your radar!

Labswap is the most organic and Transparent Decentralized exchange on BNB Chain! with more than 1 year driven by the community! The team is working hard on the new roadmap, getting the ecosystem ready for the new bull run! It’s a great entry point! Don’t miss the opportunity! provide liquidity and get passive incomes staking your LP Tokens!!

Dual Token Mechanism $LAB & FLASK

KYC Verified by PinkSale

100% Organic project

0% Tax fee buy/Sell

Low market cap

Yield farming


LIve on PancakeSwap and Labswap Dex!

Labswap has developed a dual token mechanism:



Buy $LAB on PancaSwap & Labswap Dex



Buy $FLASK on PancakeSwap & Labswap Dex

Telegram group: labswapcommunity

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