Kwenta (L2 optimism) is launching $KWENTA token and raising fund that anyone can join at Aelin.

**Optimism Layer 2 is definitely the one to watch**. With a strong support from **Synthetix** and a

rise of famous DAPP like **Uniswap, Curve and so on**. Its TVL will keep growing in this year as

Optimism are scaling solution with security.

**Kwenta** is derivative trading platform on Optimism. **They’re launching $KWENTA token and**

**raising fund that anyone can join at Aelin from 14-27 Feb, 2022.**

**Kwenta allocated 5% of the total token supply** (**15,668.65 kwenta** out of 313,373 Kwenta) at a

**fully diluted 100m USD valuation**. **It’s potential project by the way DYOR in this opportunity.**

You can join $KWENTA fund rasing via [**



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