Juno Tools

After a serious run up the last few weeks on account of the Neta drop and upcoming Raw drop for JunoSwap Dex, Juno Network is showing no signs of slowing down. They just released the testnet for JunoDrop now renamed JunoTools. You can check it out on test.juno.tools, will be a simple powerful way to claim airdrops your wallet is eligible for, as well as distribute and fund airdrops to wallets in the Juno CW-20 ecosystem.
For those who donā€™t know, Juno is a layer 1 permissionless smart contracts platform built for Cosmos. Some serious giga minds behind this project, broke into the top 100 a few days ago just about four months into launch. Community is deeply engaged, with over half of circulating supply bonded to the network. Incentives are high, currently sitting at over 100% APR. Getting into this ecosystem is seriously one of the biggest opportunities in crypto right now imo.
Remember do your due diligence and DYOR, and I hope you take a look šŸ™‚

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