Juno – The rise and the roadblock

For the uninitiated, Juno is an interoperable smart contract network in the Cosmos Ecosystem. It was created by a community driven initiative: various developers and validators from the cosmos ecosystem bootstrapped it, (this bit will be relevant once we get to the ‘roadblock/Risk’ part). The core principles for Juno was community focus and decentralization. To honor this, they had a genesis airdrop of $Juno tokens for Atom stakers. Being bootstrapped , they have no VCs holding Juno bags at low price levels. Also, $Juno is majorly traded on DEXs as they want to promote DeFi (so don’t go around asking wen Binance on there socials).



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The Rise: Since launch in October 2021, Juno experienced rapid creation in terms of DAPPs on its network (currently they boost of 50+ Dapps). Majority of these dapps, were doing Airdrops for Juno Stakers. Also, Juno staking has had enjoyed high APRs of 100%. All this allowed Juno token price to have a dream run from $7 to $45 becoming a top 60 crypto project by market cap in few months. And then …

The Roadblock: The Juno genesis drop was targeted to eliminate centralization, however there was an ‘Entity’ which operated as a custodian for investors having multiple wallets with client funds. Having multiple wallets allowed this Entity to bypass the whale cap and it received a significant portion of Juno genesis drop: currently \~10% of circulating supply (so much for decentralization goals). Technically custodians were left out from the genesis drop but this Entity was missed. The governance battle that followed to correct the wrong allocation divided the Juno & cosmos ecosystem. I refer to Cosmos as many core contributors of Juno, are active in Cosmos as developers and validators . Also, other Cosmos project founders and validators got involved in the debate, as what Juno was planning could have had implications across Cosmos and Crypto governance. All this drama (Validator planning to leave Juno and core team split FUD) has had an bearing on Juno price which has slid to $25

Ending Thoughts: Juno is a solid project. The genesis drop issue will get addressed and I think it will be a non issue in few months. The risk of Juno core team splitting might be there, but currently all seem to have come back together (even the one loved validator who was planning quit, stayed).

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6 thoughts on “Juno – The rise and the roadblock”

  1. I’m just using my daily osmos rewards to put into the Juno/osmo LP instead of buying them outright. The prices continue to go down I get to accumulate automatically plus I get > 100% apy

  2. Juno has plenty of potential but it’s crazy risky to buy here. Lots of people unbonded due to prop 16, those Juno will be dumped in a couple weeks due to the unbonding period of 28 days. I suspect that sell off will push the price much lower than it is right now…

    Edit: People downvoting. I’ll be back to check in after the unlock…

  3. Honestly just look at it’s chart and that tells you the confidence people have been having in it lately. The rest of crypto have on a mini roar the past week and JUNO just continuing its sad slide down.

    It’s not just a “roadblock”, because how they handle it will fundamentally affect the project and user’s confidence in it.

    > The genesis drop issue will get addressed and I think it will be a non issue in few months.

    We’ll see what they decide to do.

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  5. We are all men here, this is a man’s world, emotions have the right to exist, but we always return to work, because we have the responsibility of professionalism. Juno will be strong


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