Hey I’m new to defi and I’m currently studying economics and finance. I’m kinda over traditional finance and was wondering what’s a good starting point to learn about Defi? I invested a little bit in crypto as well but pulled my money out a long time ago when the market was dropping. And lastly was wondering if there are any good job opportunities too.

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  1. Im gonna answer the “learning” part, DeFi literally has 2 parts
    1) De = Decentralized >> To understand this learn cryptography and blockchain basics (any ethereum based course will work).
    2) Fi = Finance >> there is nothing really new in terms of calculations/finance in DeFi, to get a good grasp of this I would encourage you to go over CFA 1 and CFA 2 exam text books. There’s some free/older versions in pdf on the web.

  2. I don’t get you
    Are you asking a question or you need help or what exactly
    Yes they arr good job opportunities in crypto


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