Is TriCrypto still worth with 12% with Beefy?

Hello, I’m around on defi since two years, I know a bit the Impermanent Loss and more what are the effects. Calculators do the rest.
My problem is if someone with math skills did some scenarios, and can answer to me: I would place some money on BTC/ETH and USD on TriCrypto through Beefy. Removing all consideration on this kind of allocation, risks and benefits, I would know if Impermanent Loss is real enemy (I fear it, maybe too much). I desperate need to increase the capital and is not so much money because is also only a part of my money. My time perspective is some years. I like how interest compound works đŸ™‚
Someone want chat or give me opinion?
Disclaimer for all: that are not financial advise and is all my responsibility how place my money.

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3 thoughts on “Is TriCrypto still worth with 12% with Beefy?”

  1. Try this Tricrypto google sheet calculator we made


    To help you the LP tokens value and IL vs the underlying change in price

    And we have the vault available at []( , with much lower fees then beefy’s

    In our view, it’s very much still worth it and prolly the best auto balancing yield generating allocation you can do in DeFI for the next 12 months

  2. I think that’s not bad. Also consider GLP, it’s about 50% eth/btc and 50% stables, but yields higher (20-40%) due to the derivatives trading that you earn fees from.

  3. I’d avoid any btc/ Eth combined with a stable for the next year or so.

    Maybe the pair together without the stable.


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