Is there a way to stop my trades from being front run?

I’ve watched this wallet on a number of occasions screw me over every time I go to make a trade on sushiswap.

I’ve seen their technique, but I don’t know how to stop them taking advantage of my trades. I only technically lose the gas fees, but it’s also the lost trade opportunity.

Essentially what’s happening is I place my trade on sushiswap, and if I’m swapping USDC for the token, this bot will beat me to the trade. My transaction will fail.
I’ve watched it happen more than half a dozen times, and the token I trade rarely gets any action (1-2 trades a day if at all).
The bot will buy x amount of the token and hold them.
When I see an opportunity to make a trade in the opposite direction and sell the token back to USDC, the bot will again front run my trade and sell the tokens they previously bought, for a profit, and once again I lose on the gas fees.

It’s not just the token I trade on. They do it with a wide variety of tokens, making $$$$ all over the defi space.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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5 thoughts on “Is there a way to stop my trades from being front run?”

  1. I’ve already set the slippage to 0.1%

    They’re not trying to pump up the price that I pay. That’s the thing.

    They’re relying on me realising there’s an opportunity to buy the token cheap….. They front run and beat me to it.
    Then when I see the opportunity to make a trade in the opposite direction, they do the same thing again, selling the token they previously bought for a tidy profit.

    I’m at a loss what to do


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