Is there a gateway tool helpful for trade?


I’d like to know if there’s a gateway for defi trading. I expected the gateway collect the market data and offer to us in an unified interface. I.e. market data from the mainstream defi protocols such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, Cureve, etc.

As well as it’s better the gateway to integrate the trading to each mainstream protocol. i.e. I can ignore the technique details connection to each protocol, i just send an request like `gateway.placeOrder(protocol=”uniswap”, fromAddress=”…”, toAddress=”…”, amount=”…”, …)`

The connecting to Uniswap is transparent to me. Similar if I intend to send a trade to Sushiswap.

But I did not find there’s similar tools yet.

much appreciate for your help

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  2. All the protocols you mentioned have SDKs that you can use to trade & get market data.

    If you prefer a unified API you can use the API of a DEX aggregator such as 0x protocol, 1inch, or paraswap. Generally these aggregators try to give you the best market price & split your order across several exchanges but their APIs are flexible enough that you can control the exact protocol if you wish.


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