Is PCS $Cake still the Best Single Token Staking ?

Just wanna get everyone opinion.

Every where I turned, I still find $cake is still the Best ROI for Single Token Stakings esp. the price is at all time low now. But now, I feel its not doing enough as other new protocols. Such as Trader joe, spookyswap etc

Maybe 2nd choice will be Joe. Trader Joe project have been without doubt keeping innovating and improving.

I have a small bag in both of them.

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6 thoughts on “Is PCS $Cake still the Best Single Token Staking ?”

  1. $CAKE has lost a ton of value to inflating its token. It’s not the best performing staking asset by any measure. Since late August it’s been in steady decline. You’d have done much better investing in any Stablecoin farm.

  2. You should check out Penguin Finance on Avalanche. Their staked token iPEFI is the golden ticket to everything in their ecosystem. Games are being developed too.

  3. Different platform. Still new I’m thinking 2022 will be a good year. Sovryn. I staked SoV (around 35%) and am farming SoV/rBTC (about 46%).

  4. They are amazing but the highest I’ve seen is that of ALBT LMaaS pools… APY there is up to 3000% and it’s legit …

  5. EarnHub is making waves, staking and the new anyflect, you can get any token on the BSC from just holding EHB and then the staking rewards from some really good projects


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