Is joining a DeFi trading company a good way to get into crypto?

My long-term goal is to do a startup and I find the crypto space exciting so would be pretty open to doing a project/startup in this field in 2-5 years.

I have an opportunity now to join a HFT DeFi trading company and it sounds like I would learn a lot about blockchain, ethereum, crypto, etc. My other offers are from traditional trading firms and I am just wondering how important would learning the details of e.g. blockchains, smart contracts be when I actually do a startup? Will a detailed understanding help considerably or I can learn most things I need in a couple of weeks?

Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Is joining a DeFi trading company a good way to get into crypto?”

  1. Don’t get tunnel vision, if the TradFi offers are better go with them. You can transition to crypto later if you still want that.

  2. Probably more opportunity in defi than tradfi for trading, i would assume… in defi, you need less money to manipulate positions in your favor. Also, it seems legit but makes sure it’s a real company and not a scam (just in case, this is defi after all).

    When you do a startup, it depends on how much money you have to delegate out and how talented those people are. But you will 100% be required to understand blockchain because then how would you have a strartup without know the field? How will you see opportunity in the space without understanding it to then see those opportunities? thats my opinion. Also depends on what “understanding” is, like at what level. Do you need to learn CS? not unless you have no money


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