Is Cypto the #1 Scam?

Every day I get randomly contacted by folks that “hey can we be friends?”. Sure!
I suspect it’s a scam, but I play along as I am intrigued how it plays out.
Today was the last straw after receiving identical boilerplate narratives. I blocked, deleted, changed privacy settings.
So….Is Cypto the #1 Scam?

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11 thoughts on “Is Cypto the #1 Scam?”

  1. In this scenario, crypto is a scam the same way western union is a scam, the same way zelle is a scam, the same way cash is a scam. Scammers love any transaction that can’t be reversed and crypto is one of those. Combine that with the fact that people don’t build online communities around the other 3 transaction types. Then combine it with crypto being new, complex technology that people are still figuring out. It all makes for good targets for scams. They say a fool and their money are soon parted, well, there are a lot of fools in the crypto space.

  2. It’s with everything you start, in every niches there are scammers. Now just the crypto is the most viral investments, that’s why there are so many scammers

  3. People continue to scam and get away with it because there are plenty of people out there that keep falling for it.

  4. better question
    are random cold contacts most likely a scam? Yes.
    crypto is simply digital value and scams target things of value.

  5. Lol, I have been through the same, this is nothing scary but we are yet to face the quantum threats. Many say it far fetched, but it isn’t. Scams can be ignored but this is inevitable. So I have my plan with a quantum-resistant blockchain for security. Dyor and you will be in for a surprise.


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