Is crypto being transformed into TradFi 2.0?

Although it sounds strange to crypto OG’s, but times are changing. And unfortunately not for the better.

Think about it; Crypto is going mainstream. There are ads, sponsorship deals, and the lot. It’s all geared towards inviting normal everyday folks into the market. But at what cost (to them)?

When you explain crypto to a newbie, the very first thing that comes to mind is of course self-custody (it’s one of the reasons why the damn thing was invented in the first place after all).

Many people care about the “sleek UI”, “ease of use” and lack of accountability. Especially when dealing with all things financial. This is why the majority of people keep their cash in banks after all.

I’m wondering if we’re slowly moving away from such important aspects as self-custody and proof of ownership into a new system of centralised custody by the new “banks” like centralised exchanges, custodials (like traditional banks) and later when the CBDC’s get deployed, to even having a “crypto account” at the FED?

Is there hope for self governance and self custody? What do you guys think?

Most of us realise that the catastrophic events of the past few months are now being used by the regulators to tighten the noose around all of crypto space.

It’s good to know that DEFI is a pain in the ass to regulate! Almost impossible actually. Big protocols like AAVE and Uniswap can sell their souls to the faceless globalists, but most of decentralised finance will still be here catering to normal people.

We strongly believe that the future of DEFI lies in providing sustainable passive income even while the current financial system is struggling under the weight of debt and leverage. In fact we’ll go as far as saying; it’s better not to confront the current system at all, but simply to step aside and build something newer and better that’s accessible to everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Is crypto being transformed into TradFi 2.0?”

  1. I fully agree. Back then, I had no hope of staking stablecoins, but many platforms and apps are constantly improving. Platforms like Zunami and Kraken make it much easier to get into stables without having to struggle with the complexities of the UX/UI, as many of us did.


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