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Dear DeFi community

My name is Janis Engel and I am a student at the Zurich University of Applied Science. I study International Management in the sixth and final semester and therefore, I have to write a bachelor thesis. The topic of mine is to scrutinize DeFi, as well as to analyze if/how DeFi can contribute to advancing our financial system. An integral part of this paper will be based on interviews that I want to conduct with experts in the field of crypto and DeFi.

Since this community consists of thousands of enthusiastic people and experts in the DeFi world, I wanted to reach out to you in the search of interested interview partners. The main subject of the interview will be the regulation of DeFi. As of now, there is only little existing regulation of DeFi and thus, the goal of the interview is to discuss different ways how DeFi can be regulated and if it even makes sense to regulate it.

I highly appreciate your effort and I’m looking forward to interesting interviews!

For any questions or feedback, following my conctact information:

\+41 78 322 59 68

[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Best regards,

Janis Engel

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