Increase Anchor Protocol Earnings

TLDR: You can increase your anchor protocl earnings with the use of Mirror protocol and leverage looping.

Hello, I have seen a lot of people wonder what can they do with their aUST after they stake it in Anchor / how to increase their APY. This is one way you can increase your yield and also put that aUST to work. Disclaimer: NFA and DYOR, also I am not the original creator of this strategy. So, first you want to stake your UST in Anchor for around 20% APY and get aUST. After that you want to go to Mirror Protocol and open a short position in any stock / crypto you would like. I recomand mKO as it is a divident-based stock and not groth based (this way your short position will not lose to stock price rising). You want to deposit your aUST as collateral, borrow mKO, sell mKO for UST, stake UST for aUST, repeat. Each time you repeat this process you are increasing your leverage and also the risk. When you borrow I recomand having a collateral ratio of at least 150%-160%. How to do this explained by me in a video: [Video Link](

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