I’m trying to see some possible outcomes of the current crypto market situation.

As I see it, the cryptocurrency market is declining. No one can tell if this is merely a correction or the start of a bear market. I only hope that things will settle down, since I’ve noticed some notable developments in the crypto business.

To begin with, crypto gaming is getting increasingly popular. Crypto gaming is at an all-time high, thanks to the widespread use of NFTs. P2E is being incorporated into blockchain gaming platforms such as Gods Unchained, CoinFantasy, Splinterlands, Chainmonsters, and others, which are bringing more and more people into the crypto gaming experience.

Second, and linked to the previous point, other platforms are collaborating with gaming platforms to provide you with a superior experience. Some platforms (I’ve heard of Atpay) are reportedly integrating the blockchain BNPL into the gaming industry.

I could write all day on the developments, but the essay would be too long, so I chose a few that caught my eye and that I believe will have the most influence on the crypto industry. What are your thoughts on all of this? Allow me to listen to you.

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3 thoughts on “I’m trying to see some possible outcomes of the current crypto market situation.”

  1. It’s not a bear marlet for me honestly .. it was just another correction and look at the market nlw, starts to bounce back and recover!! If you are looking for a short term growth investment but still a low cap gem, IOEN is the best example.. Real world solutions, clean enerhy and good performance..

  2. The decline you speak of is temporary and we shall have some massive turnover soon.

    As you said, P2E is taking a part of the space and projects like SURVIVE_P2E only keeps me wondering the extent to which metaverse will explore.

    The project is building a high tech gaming environment to depict the real world and add more adventures. I think the space can’t be stopped.


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