Im so sick of these honeypots BLADEKING CMON

Are we really just gonna continue to sit around and let people do this crap? I understand high risk investments, but my god there has to be a fine line between what’s not legal. The squid games guys did the same exact thing, and this is same format they chose. locking the chats, muting every spot you can discuss the project. It is what it is, I got scammed on something i definitely didn’t see coming. So im sharing this everywhere I can before it gets worse. Call these guys squid games v2. I promise they are going for a mega honeypot. already at 2.5 mil.


Stay away from blade king. project looked sooo dope. now im full of disappointment. also has 3.5k upvotes on here.

honeypottin theives

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2 thoughts on “Im so sick of these honeypots BLADEKING CMON”

  1. Do you research, always buy a little bit first and immediately sell it. Always go to dexscreener and look how much money is put on the coin that is paired with.. Learn how to reach solidify and understand the important shit in the contracts…..This will eliminate a lot of scams but any new project you take the risk……. Lesson learned don’t let it happen again]


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