If you could build your own cryptocurrency news aggregator, what sources would you include?

Imagine this: you hold tokens in a DAO that’s committed to providing the most accurate, up-to-date, and valuable data on the world of crypto, with a particular emphasis on DeFi. As a token holder, you’ve been asked to vote on potential data sources to include in the aggregator.

Which channels, data sources, or apps would you propose for inclusion, and why? What makes these sources reliable or valuable in your eyes?

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7 thoughts on “If you could build your own cryptocurrency news aggregator, what sources would you include?”

  1. I really like this idea, not sure how you would keep it accurate and avoid members shilling their bags, but if that’s a solvable problem then it could be a really useful DAO.

    Just to start you off on some sources, I’d suggest [Unchained](https://unchainedcrypto.com/news/) and [The Defiant](https://thedefiant.io/) for general crypto news.

    For more specific info about certain topics, there’s [Zero Knowledge](https://zeroknowledge.fm/) , unsurprisingly focused on the ZK world; and [Ethereum Cat Herders](https://www.ethereumcatherders.com/) for a reliable source of info on Ethereum development.

    As far as data sources: I tend to use [DeFiLlama](https://defillama.com/) for quickly comparing dApps and [Dune](https://dune.com/home) for more detailed information searches. I don’t really use (Messari)[https://messari.io/] but I assume that they are pretty reliable too.

  2. All the major influencers obviously as they are the one getting paid and bringing in the volume. Do something like a ranking based on mentions from all top influencers callers. Then you can start to backtest the data you are getting with strategies

  3. Media is a vicious cycle.

    Even if an outlet begins trustworthy, ultimately to stay running they must begin to care about engagement. This is the only way to scale and become bigger.

    Looks at Vice, BBC, NPR. The only way to get bigger is to take money, when taking money you are exposed to narrative controls so its worth their while to even give you money.

    If you care about truth and accurate data, the best thing to do is become an influencer. But, even they become media organizations. There have been many political influencers i have liked but they all began to cater to clicks or get bought out by some country/agenda/politics so i no longer engage with them.

    (this may be off topic lmao)


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