I will create a custom blockchain report/analysis for you

I am working on a data-tool that makes it easy to create and schedule custom blockchain analyses into repeating alerts. So it’s perfect for personal analytics and PNL-like reporting every month.

I’m looking to create some templates that everyone can use e.g. Uniswap/NFT/LP pnl reports. Hence, I came here to look for inspiration. If you need a report for personal analytics – please share it here – I’ll make it happen and DM you the results.

This offer is not for general, explorative analyses, but rather specific reports around a wallet address. For example, you can request a report, and request it do ping your telegram/email every month. E.g. if you trade and want to see your PNL on protocol X.

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1 thought on “I will create a custom blockchain report/analysis for you”

  1. Can you make a working beefy + autofarm + in ideal case aave asset report including USD value ? That’s where even mature Tools like Zerion fail.


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