I want to be anonymous with crypto transactions, but crypto exchanges won’t let me

I need some advice on how to be anonymous when doing crypto transactions. I’ve been trying to figure out how to buy and trade crypto without revealing my identity on CEXes, but with no luck.

Here are the CEXes that I’ve tried so far:

* **Binance** \- They asked for my phone number, which is linked to my real name in my country. Then they wanted my full name and address to use my bank card. Apple Pay didn’t work either. And to trade properly, I had to upload my ID. So much for privacy.
* **Coinbase** \- Same story as Binance, but they also wanted photos of my ID. Seriously? Do they need a DNA sample too?
* **Exodus** \- This seemed more promising, as I didn’t have to provide any info to install the wallet app. But then I realized it’s not open source, so how can I trust them not to spy on me or steal my funds? And buying Bitcoin via Apple Pay in the app also failed.

So, with that said, I just don’t like CEXes. And I’ll probably move to DEXes or similar non-KYC exchanges. With that said, What exchanges do you know of that don’t ask for personal info? Can I trade directly from my wallet or do I always have to use an exchange and transfer back and forth? How do you guys do it?

I found some non-KYC exchanges on the internet but I want you guys to verify:

* **Houdini Swap** \- It is a non-custodial swap platform that allows users to quickly and easily anonymize blockchain transactions. It uses Monero as a “tunnel” between exchanges, enabling users to break all on-chain links between sending and receiving wallets.
* **SwapSpace** \- You can compare the rates and fees of several different exchanges to find the best price for the trade they want. It also does not require registration or KYC verification.
* **Exolix** \- It charges a flat fee for all swaps, which some people say it’s a competitive rate compared to other crypto-swapping platforms. It’s also non-KYC or so I think.

I don’t want to compromise my privacy and security for the sake of convenience. I thought crypto was supposed to be anonymous and decentralized, but it seems like there are a lot of gatekeepers and middlemen involved. I don’t want to go through what other people went through with Terra or FTX. So if you guys can, please help me out with some DD on the platforms I mentioned and their validity and if you have some other platforms you can recommend, that’d be great. Thanks in advance!

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10 thoughts on “I want to be anonymous with crypto transactions, but crypto exchanges won’t let me”

  1. Most DEXes don’t ask you anything, that is the point of their existence after all. Would be good if thing like Bisq becomes popular for to and from fiat conversion. Would be even better if USD cease to exist.

  2. I think it depends on which token you are looking for. But i think p2p might be your best option. I see paxful offering a lot of payment methods, as far as login and anonymity I haven’t tried it for myself as i dont see a reason to atm.

  3. Stay off CEXes OP. You should start using privacy-based wallets like monero or railway wallet. These completely shield users’ data.

  4. This is exactly why DeFi needs to integrate ID management solutions into their platforms to preserve anonymity and self-custody without compromising convenience.


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