I plan to invest $500 a month for long term holding on my ledger. Help me with my plan?

My initial thought is $300/month in Bitcoin, $100/month eth, $100/month spread between 4-5 larger alts that can be staked.

1. What do you think about this allocation?

2. What is the best platforms/ways to set up DCA’s for this?

3. Any suggestions for the larger alts?

4. Anything I should know about staking and ledger?

5. I’ve read the post on initial set up and security but any other advice?


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25 thoughts on “I plan to invest $500 a month for long term holding on my ledger. Help me with my plan?”

  1. 1. I’m personally not bullish on BTC. It will go back to $60k but it’s legacy tech at this point. You missed ETH… There is no ETH killer… The ecosystem has evolved to complement ETH

    2. No platforms that I’m aware of. I sense a market opportunity but It’s honestly safer to just DCA yourself

    3. Polygon. Even after the upgrade, polygon will still be significantly faster than ETH 2.0. AVAX is another one.

    4. So the problem with staking right now is that we’re in the middle of a market meltdown. Your friendly neighborhood protocol may not be around tomorrow 🙂. But you’ll be safe as long as you stick to the biggest and oldest. Ex: aave, pancake swap, etc. You may be able to get some yield there

    5. Stick to well established protocols with high TVL. Minimize your exposure to centralized exchanges. I basically just use one as an on/off ramp for my crypto. The crypto winter will eventually end and winners will emerge 🙂

  2. i have similar investing plan and this is what i do.
    ETH 50%
    but i believe some off these alts will not survive winter.

  3. If you want to invest crypto and use the cost average method. Buy crypto monthly for $500 you can get with staking or yield farming some nice benefits. If you do the yield farming just be careful or aware of impermanent losses. Elk.finace is a multi Cain and could be of interest for you because they protect you from ending up later with less crypto than you purchased. You have to farm only longer than one month. etc. Another way for example to stake is in the Telos native wallet. You get a reward of 13,4 % interest. The payouts are every half an hour and the min look time of staking is only 4 days. My suggestion if you want to go with higher risk you can do yield farming or staking in an EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) like using Metamask. Opinion two is to stake $TLOS for example in the native wallet. More in what you can find on my YouTube channel. @TelosEagle

  4. 1. It’s a fine allocation. Everyone has their preference and if you see this to be the best option for you, perfect!
    2. Depends on your location. I know crypto.com has recurring buys as an example though.
    3. Depends again on what sector of the space you like. Most would likely say DOT, ADA, LINK, ALGO, XRP are the top picks.
    4. Again, depends on the project. For example, Solana you can do right through ledger live.
    5. Just be smart. Don’t click links Willy-nilly. If you can find a way to get a steel copy of your seed phrase, do that too.

    Otherwise, do lots of research and enjoy the rabbit hole!

  5. 1.- id be 100% btc for the remainder of the year or until markets are more risk on
    2.- some on ramp that works for you, hard to point one that works good, I like paxos.
    3.- L1 and L2 if any
    4.- yeah, options are very limited
    5.- have fun

  6. It’s a good plan but if I were you I’d make room for some mid/low caps like OCEAN and FET. You can also stake OCEAN. I haven’t explored staking options for FET.

  7. I like this plan. I’d personally allocate more to ETH. As for alt tokens, I’d wait for the dust to settle macrowise. There are still more tough conditions upcoming.

  8. Look into Novatech – they’re a private crypto trading hedge fund with an impreasive track record. Weekly returns average +3% for past 2 years, and have not missed a payout in over 99 weeks as of today.

    Returns are only paid out from trading profits of crypto pairs, not dependent on new investors. No time lock on funds, no earnings caps.

    Passive weekly compounding will accumulate over time, so this is a medium to long term time frame. Would work well with a DCA strategy, especially in this bear market. LMK if your interested in more info to vet.

  9. It’s actually a good plan. Diversification is key and passive income is a smart goal, especially in the bear market.

    The only tweak I would make here is to allocate more to ETH since it’ll give better ROI than BTC

  10. 1. It’s a nice initiative
    2. Look into Kaddex and the Kadena ecosystem
    3 there are a ton of larger alts but FTM and FTX looks good
    4. Offline storage is prime so you’re on track with ledger
    5. No comment

  11. Chainlink is the most important alt to hold besides BTC and ETH, hands down. Beyond that, pick up a small amount of the actually credible alt L1s that are being developed on and used, pretty much just Solana and Avalanche.

    Avoid retail traps like ADA and XRP like the plague

  12. When staking, your farming strategies and funds are exposed as it were, I have connected my bag to a privacy platform that will hide transactions and actions in my account from prying eyes.

  13. It’s a good strategy. I think ETH would outperform BTC as always, so I would recommend more of ETH vs BTC.

    You can add other projects focusing on scaling. Like MATIC, METIS or CTSI.

    Staking is cool, but I would also advise you stay from staking coins with high inflation; especially farming tokens. You can stick with sustainable & moderate yields [10-20%]


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