I just got hacked – Meta Mask

Hi everyone

I’ve been an idiot, I’m still one.

I shared my seed phrase on an untrusting platform a few minutes ago and now all my crypto has been moved out of my meta mask wallet. The person has taken my uniswap liquidity in a matter of minutes.

This is my etherscan address:



These are the transactions: [


I had around $2400 in Uniswap and some small amounts in my metamask wallet.

Is there any place that I can submit this characters wallet address so it can be blocked? Or somehow get my funds back?

I’m not sure what to do besides feel really stupid. I still can’t believe it.

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15 thoughts on “I just got hacked – Meta Mask”

  1. Your wallet didn’t get “hacked”. You were socially engineered into divulging privileged information (your seed phrase). You hacked yourself. I don’t know what your background in cryptography is but YOUR SEED PHRASE IS THE SAME THING AS YOUR WALLET. Your seed phrase is used to generate a unique string of characters known as your private key, which is required to sign all transactions going out of your account address. You essentially gave the burglar the front key to your house and told them you’d be heading to the store. My copies of my seed phrases are written down on PAPER in three locations -> a safety deposit box at a regional bank in my hometown, a safety deposit box at a national bank in the town I now work in, and in a gun safe at a family member’s house next to my birth certificate and social security card.

    I’m sorry that you lost a decent amount of money and I do feel sympathy but you broke the literal only rule of crypto. Even Metamask tells you to absolutely never under any circumstances share your seed phrase.

  2. You know enough to enter an LP on Uniswap but don’t know that you shouldn’t share your private key? Sounds like karma farming…

  3. Sorry to hear that OP, for the rest reading this – never share your seed phrase with anybody. There is no reason for them to need it. It’s the password to your blockchain account.

    OP monitor the address, if the scammer moves your tokens to a centralized exchange you can contact the exchange and share all evidence about the hack. Potentially they can refund you but don’t get your hopes up, it is unlikely.

  4. You got low brow social engineered. That’s essentially the kindergarten level of “hacking”. You have no business having money in crypto if you can’t follow the most basic rule of it

  5. Cryptocurrency community: shits on anyone who isn’t a security expert and uses crypto, later to be hacked/stolen from

    Crypto community: how come we don’t have mass adoption 😱

  6. That’s exactly the reason we will never reach mass adoption. Crypto tech is just like an exponential bonding curve, where the exponent equals the abstraction of UX.


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