I haven’t gain that much value from staking

In case you haven’t noticed this, staking APY is low. Seriously low, terrifyingly low…

I like staking. I am a busy woman, I enjoy trading but I also want to use my money to make more money without direct work. That’s why, I love staking and putting my money where it can generate more money, and I love that. Unfortunately, staking usually sucks.

In my experience, staking sucks. Your money is locked down, and you only get a small return after a long long time. Why aren’t there any better staking platforms or ideas?

Thankfully, Werewolf and their tokens provide an infinite possibility for staking. And I love their idea and game plan about staking classifications and categories. More ideas like these should be implemented in the market. I’m stick of bad staking plans and platforms.

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5 thoughts on “I haven’t gain that much value from staking”

  1. Remember APY is a percentage, you know. How large is your capital. Moreover, Hodlnaut and Anchor has modified staking In an easy and less problematic way. If you want very high reward, look into farming.

  2. “staking APY is low.”

    Define “low.” Within the Cosmos ecosystem, I’m currently getting almost 15% APR for staking ATOM and almost 85% APR for staking OSMO via the Keplr wallet. These are major coins/tokens and I’m using trusted validators, so I’m not taking on extra risk to get these yields. I’m sure others can provide similar examples.

  3. That would be depending on the APY, most high rewards has higher risk. Maybe you can try to look forward with some new platforms that lets you earn while hodling with no locking of token. Teneo is one them you’ll be paid by the fees and traders like you can earn more by using arbitrage. I think this is a good platform.


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