I can’t be the only one – this node shit is stupid🤦‍♀️

So the ohm fork era is on its last legs and now we’re witnessing the uprising of this node as a service but using DeFi crap. The way it’s marketed just turns me off. We’ve had node as a service forever so it’s not a new idea but it’s like node as a service PLUS defi suddenly makes it something new

To put it bluntly, if you’re considering one of these node clone projects please just take your capital and split it between ETH, BTC, and a few solid alternate L1s or blue chip defi tokens and, if you must earn yield, park it all in low fee safe blue chip protocols.

PS don’t even *look* at NFTs

You’ll thank me later

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5 thoughts on “I can’t be the only one – this node shit is stupid🤦‍♀️”

  1. Just to play devil’s advocate – While most node services use ponzinomics, most other investments do as well, especially when first getting started. And especially when it comes to crypto. You need people to buy the coins behind you at a higher price than you bought them for, or else your investment won’t be going anywhere. Additionally, the key words in the definition of a Ponzi scheme are “intentional fraud”. So although most nodes use ponzinomics, they are not Ponzi schemes unless they are intentionally committing fraud (which some clearly are).

    On the other hand, some of the teams out there seem to be working very diligently to evolve into other streams of income besides initial investor capital. Whether they will be successful or not, I have no idea.

    This is where you have to realize that everyone comes from different financial situations and has different risk tolerances. If you have the extra capital, it may be worth it to some investors to see if any of these teams can figure out a way to make their projects sustainable long term. I wouldn’t call this “stupid”, as generally all investments require some amount of risk and trust in somebody other than yourself.

    Although I can agree that if you are struggling financially, it is probably very unwise to yeet your last $1,000 at a node project and plan on using that to pay your mortgage.

    I’m absolutely not advocating for any of them. Different strokes for different folks is all.

  2. Most node projects are simple ponzis, sometimes with an interesting twist or a new approach to the same thing. A little basic research into them can make this clear.

  3. i don’t mind if it’s informed investors taking an informed risk.

    suckers who get lured by huge APYs and put in money without any research can go f themselves for all I care.

    so i don’t mind these projects. i stay away from them, and let gamblers gamble.

    and occasionally, i go laugh at the suckers.

    **EDIT:** i sometimes also go and warn the suckers not to invest, but mostly get downvoted and called FUD by room temperature IQ people 😂

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience! I was looking into node clone projects — they sounded lucrative. So you’re saying that we should stay away from node clone projects completely?

  5. Im in Midas crown node project and very happy with it. Active devolpers doing all the right things/moves.

    For me this is about massive gains, not 20%. Nodes are risky but equally potientaly rewarding. Finding a project that works has not been easy, but I believe I found one, after going through 7 others.


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