I am creating Dividex, a new DEX that eliminates slippage and impermanent loss, and I am looking for people to review my prototype.

My name is Collin, I’m a co-founder of Dividex, which will be a new decentralized exchange that eliminates slippage and impermanent loss. We aim to give users more control over their costs and their risk, compared to the DEXs currently in the market. [Our Website](

I recently created a prototype and have uploaded a couple of videos walking through how to use it. I am now trying to get feedback to understand what you all like, what you don’t, and what needs to be improved.

If you are interested in being able to trade without incurring slippage, watch this video ⬇️:
[How to Trade without Slippage](

If you are interested in being able to deposit liquidity without incurring impermanent loss, watch this video ⬇️:
[How to Deposit Only 1 Coin (Eliminate Impermanent Loss)](

I would greatly appreciate anyone who can view one of the videos above and tell me which features you would use, which ones you would NOT, and overall if you would use this exchange over the current DEXs you use.

Thank you to all the fellow redditors who participate.

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