Hype about Optimisim

Does anyone know why there is such a hype about Optimisim?

Is it just the upcoming airdrop or does this second layer solution on Ethereum something really special. Because of achieving high scalability and low transaction fees, I can already use MATIC/Polygon.

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3 thoughts on “Hype about Optimisim”

  1. The hype for Optimism comes from two factors, firstly, obviously lots of people are simply excited about getting an airdrop, but secondly, the way it has been distributed to retroactively reward public goods (like DAO governance contributions and Gitcoin Grants donations) is an expression of on ongoing concept in the Ethereum community, the ability to optimize coordination, incentivize postive extenalities and move a step closer to slaying Moloch… this is Ethereum’s phoenix, the true goal.




  2. They have rock solid tech and are making a lot of great advancements, competing against Arbitrum and others. But to be frank – the hype is about the airdrop. Expect a large inflow initially

  3. Polygon isn’t a L2 it’s a totally separate chain. Rollups (Optimism, Arbitrum, Metis, StarkNet, etc…) are fully secured by L1 Ethereum. I don’t think Optimism will win the scaling war, but it absolutely smokes Polygon POS from a technical standpoint.


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