How/where to leverage wstETH?

Hello everybody!

I have some wstETH that I would like to put to work. The idea is to use it as collateral, borrow some stablecoin and then buy wstETH again.

The question is where to do it.

AAVE was my original choice, but the supply limit is reacht on Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and almost full on ETH.

What would be your second option?

I was thinking about Mai Finance. Bridge to polygon create a vault and borrow some Mai. What risks would I be running in here?

Lido smart contract risk

Polygon bridge smart contract risk

Mai vault smart contract risk

Mai coin smart contract risk


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8 thoughts on “How/where to leverage wstETH?”

  1. MAI seems to be attractive because there is no interest, just one off fee. From what I remember it is safe and fully decentralised too.

  2. turn it back to regular eth and stake it. too much risk wrapping it and putting into contracts that can be exploited

  3. Go back and see how the fellow did the flash loan same thing using latency. He pushed the enter button and made 1.1 mil guess he was a European cause of the .1 so he made a clean million euros sure it was lot of work


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