How To Stake / Yield Farm $CHIHUAHUA On Osmosis DEX for 400% APR

1. Install Keplr wallet

2. Buy/send ATOM from Coinbase to Keplr wallet

a.Leave some extra ATOM to cover gas fees

3. Connect HUAHUA Chain to Keplr wallet on Omniflix

4. Connect Keplr wallet to Osmosis website

5. Load ATOM under ‘Assets’ tab

6. Swap ATOM for HUAHUA under ‘Trade’ tab

7. Withdraw HUAHUA from ‘Assets’ tab

8. Navigate to Omniflix ‘stake’ page

9. Choose a Validator to stake with

a.Do not choose a centralized exchange or Top 10

b.Do not choose 100% commission validator

c.Research who the validator is

10. Decide what to do with your rewards

a.Restake them daily

b.Convert to another coin


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1 thought on “How To Stake / Yield Farm $CHIHUAHUA On Osmosis DEX for 400% APR”

  1. this is similar to the apy on PINK single staking on dot finance. got in at 400% apy. will check out osmosis DEX later but can my reward be autocompounded on the dex?


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