How to make money in a bear market?

I would like to know what drives you when choosing a staking platform.

I assume you are all familiar with the Celsius situation. I recently came across an article again about investors asking a judge for help. It’s creepy what’s been happening lately with the titans of the crypto platforms.

Everyone is now an advocate of decentralized platforms, chanting the catchphrase Not your keys, not your coins, I researched platforms that are the most known as Aave and Sushiswap.

I would like to hear your thoughts on them.

Personally, I like the fact whenever you lend on Aave, you’ll earn aTokens. And normally, the longer you lend, the more you’ll receive.

Then when it comes to Sushiswap holders that stake tokens, will receive xSUSHI tokens, representing their stake in the SushiBar pool and they have guaranteed voting rights when it comes to decision making.

Since the rewards in the form of synthetic tokens attracted me, I came across the DAFI protocol. DAFI Protocol utilizes synthetics token system to tackle the problems that hyperinflation causes to so many otherwise promising DeFi protocols. “dToken” is pegged to projects’ native tokens. They will upgrade the current system and provide even better rewards.


Are you encouraged by these synthetic rewards and would you go for it?

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19 thoughts on “How to make money in a bear market?”

  1. Find a fairly low/mid risk way to earn/gain yield/coins while still holding BTC and ETH… you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Hyperinflation rekt me on a project few months back. The concept of synthetic tokens seems cool, but does the system locks your native token & give you dToken? And how many integrations have been done so far?

  3. Staking is always a good incentive to hold. I like DAFI’s super staking mechanism, good for the network’s adoption in the long run.

    I’m also staking NGM on AscendEx & E-Money’s native platform, it looks like they have it well planned out for long-term investors. There are also rumors that e-Money may feature staking on their suite of stablecoins like ENOK, EDDK, EEUR, etc.

  4. I just keep most of my money in stablecoins and will wait for a proper moment where I know things will turn for the better (even if I have to wait 12-24months).

    Had it too often where I thought staking would be the best bet, and when I get a nice 30% APY on a coin but then the coin value drops 95% in a market like this. Im just better off waiting and buying in when the macro market changes (even if I miss the bottom, still buy in cheaper and get more coins than just mindessly staking.

    So not really a “make money” thing, but lose less.

  5. I wouldn’t call defi ‘staking platforms’. But I like beefy finance, osmosis and thorchain. Prefer to use native assets over wrapped. Osmosis is a little overly inflationary for my personal tastes, but it does encorporate liquid staking, so that compensates.

  6. Celsius is mainly Cefi so I didnt trust it from the start, I use Pancakeswap and Maiar Dex, I’m staking UTK and EGLD on Maiar

  7. DCA and staking are the only ways I know of earning money in this market. I usually stake my stablecoins on Zunami, which handles everything, and Coinbase, where I stake algo.

  8. Ppl making shit ton of money playing with leverage, but I don’t do that.

    You can play with daily and weekly trades for 20 -50 % rises, but yet again, the market is so unclear, that everything is a gamble for scalping.
    Stay with the bags that you have, maybe invest in a starting project, because the price is always low after launch, and its on us to take advantage 🙂
    And for DeFi protocols, I’m dyoring and exploring in depth Kadena and Kaddex – first dex on pow, for now, to legit2quit !

  9. I’ve been able to relatively stay in profit by staking stables. I have BUSD on binance and USD on freeway. I’m able to enjoy good APY with minimal mental stress, and I only buy coins I’m prepared to hold for a long time.

  10. I feel guilty because this is self-promotion, but we will launch our project “Grizzly” with exactly this goal; to aggregate DeFi protocols that also work in the bear market.

  11. this is a new concept which i’m not familiar with, but staking is another way to earn in a bear market which I’m currently doing with beefy and the web 3 Sylo wallet. Staking a few of my alts like XTZ there for a decent and sustainable yield.


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