How to find wBTC

I have bridged wBTC from polygon to Harmony network. However, afterward i am unable to find the wBTC even though i have imported a wBTC token. Would anyone know how i would be able to find it?

On harmony scan it shows that i pocess the wBTC however doesnt show up in my metamask perhaps i imported a wrong token?


If you require my wallet adress: 0xEBC2575f212F17cf35889a751D815d7D3c8E3EaC

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1 thought on “How to find wBTC”

  1. You’ll need to import it into your MetaMask – the contract address is 0x5d9ab5522c64e1f6ef5e3627eccc093f56167818

    However, I just did the same thing as an experiment, using 0.001 WBTC. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out any viable way to swap it to 1BTC, where it would be useful.


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