How much yield are you earning? What chains and protocols and farms are you in?

Asking for a % return, daily/yearly/whatever. Not $ figures. Though share whatever information you want. As a new farmer, just trying to get an idea of whats possible in terms of earnings, and some ideas for good chains/protocols/farms to look at.

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46 thoughts on “How much yield are you earning? What chains and protocols and farms are you in?”

  1. I’m being a degenerate right now and trying to take advantage of the relatively young Cronos chain. I particularly like Mad Meerkat Finance. The community and devs are super active, constantly pushing out new features, launchpads, NFTs with utility (!). Their tokenomics make much more sense than VVS too fwiw. MMF will also be launching their tomb fork in the next 2 weeks.

    MMF-CRO vault – 2235% APY (309.29% APR, autocompounded every 30 mins)


    MMO-CRO vault – 3145% APY (339.10% APR, autocompounded every 30 mins)


    MMO single vault – 992% APY (239% APR, manually compounded daily)

  2. I’m yield farming in a stablecoin pool on Harmony (Viperswap)- ONEUSD-1USDC at 116% APR

    Oin Finance- minted nUSDO [NEAR-backed stablecoin] using stNEAR as collateral, staking in the stability pool for 40% APY

    Sifchain- ATOM/ROWAN LP at 1748% APY- rewards are auto-claimed every week.

    Stablecoins LP are pretty safe compared to non-stable LPs as there’s always IL, but the rewards should offset that if you stay long enough in the pool + compounding.

  3. Watching people get excited about inflationary token 1000% APY takes me back to when I was doing degen farming. You’ll lose money folks! Doesn’t matter what APY is. Inflationary tokens will always have downwards price pressure.

    Just stick to low stablecoins apy. That can actually make you money.

  4. yvSTETH – ~5-10%

    aUST – 19.5%

    FTM-TOMB – 100%

    LOOKS staking – 600%

    stONE-ONE (Tranquil) – 30%

    edit: all assets on their native chains

  5. I’m earning over 100% yield on Osmosis Dex. I provide liquidty in NGM, CMDX and STARS pools. Rewards are paid in OSMO which I convert to EEUR.

  6. I spread across a few protocols.

    Curve on polygon Tricrypto gives you 20% or so CRV.
    Balancer on Polygon giving me an APY of 30% or so.

    Theyโ€™re quite established protocols so feel they are a bit safer

  7. DefiChain – very happy. I invest in the BTC-DFI and ETH-DFI pools. They offer more than this – via their DUSD (stablecoin)-dToken pairs, but I am not sold yet on how DUSD is going – it is not yet at parity with USD.

  8. I really like the fantom chain especially tomb finance with ftm-tomb lp with tomb that is pegged with ftm so there is a near 0% IL and also with tshare

  9. I’m a complete fan of ETH, and I stake on Nahmii which is a layer 2 scaling solution and earn 95% of all my transactions in $NII, the reason for selecting a L2 platform was to cut my gas fees actually and I can easily move my assets from L1 to L2 with instant finality.

  10. I am doing about 50-100% APR on Tezos ecosystem, only on safe LP (not LPing the reward token, way too risky, but LPing L1/BTC/ETH/USD)

    There are 6 DEX with farms fighting for liquidity, and protocol incentivised liquidity baking too, so since there are more opportunities than users, the customers are kings!

  11. I’ve been using DAFI protocol due to their cheap staking fees on their V2 super staking pool on polygon and project also offers a very high APY

  12. Am not in any pool Rn But am looking forward to spool.
    Theyโ€™ll be launching their staking protocol soon.
    To help users create a diversified yield farming strategy.

  13. Iโ€™m 100% Iโ€™m anchor now, so 20%. I used to spend hours chasing yields all over the place and pools constantly close or the yields go down so much it wasnโ€™t worth it.

  14. In beethovenX yielding a roughly 0.3% a day, just got our first bribe for voting. On fantom, a fork of balancer with close ties. Even providing funds for their security as well
    Edit: im in the Fidelio Duetto( fBEETS)

  15. A little degen-ish throwing my hat into the Fantom ring:

    WFTM-2OMB – 2376.8% APR
    WFTM-2SHARES – 2376.8% APR
    WFTM-TOMB – 83.1% APR
    WFTM-TSHARE – 192.7% APR

    Autocompounded in Beefy.

    And a sizeable bag in LOOKS staking at 594.32% APR as of now.

  16. Dont know how much in % but Protofi on FTM has been printing as fuck.

    Also single staking my long term holds like DAFI AIOZ

    Holding a masternode with GTH that has like 50% APY and share of company profits as well.

  17. Yeah I’ve got a few nodes going to see how that turns out (mostly into Univ though it’s really down from where I got it at) the nodes are 4% a day and when you compound your % a day goes up.

    Mostly I was in 2omb before Harry went after the dev and then decided to partner with them instead lol. Just got out but over doubled my investment in 7 days. Moved out because I always bounce from where I am if it gets popular on Twitter.

    Currently testing out a different Tomb fork on Harmony that was launched by the actual Viper swap team (first Dex on Harmony I’m pretty sure). Supposed to pay out 10% a day, which is very possible for a while in a Tomb fork. Zoom all the way out on the chart then back in slowly and you’ll see, it’s volitility as a service. Simply by timing your TShare to be released in the middle of the majority lockup you can take profits before it goes the next leg down and greatly compound your initial investment while also making somewhere between 2% and 10%.

    Also Protofi on Fantom is supposed to be killing it but I haven’t made it in yet.

    Check out a site called WhatTheFork, they have popular farms forks and list if they’re KYC’d or are Definitely a rug. Good luck! Be bold, but also keep some stables just in case!

  18. Let’s get some people over to Sifchain ya?!? Some deets below:

    – All pools: at least 100% APR- Selected ‘Pools of the People’: at least 300% APR (right now: ATOM, ETH, JUNO, ZCX, LGCY, USDC, LUNA).

    This APR is a bit different tho. BECAUSE! The more people that join, the better. It doesn’t impact your APR percentage at all. The 100% and 300% setting is a minimum (additional rewards earned on top of this from swap activity will just increase that percentage). This is great because it creates a ‘everyone tell everyone so we can all make it together!’ message.

    Hit up the DEX here: [](’s another version of the Sifchain DEX being hosted by a community member (trying to get that URL now to include it here)

    So… come one! come all! Join our discord too (it’s legit prolly the best community and discord out there):
    – **Protocol Monetary Trade Policy (PMTP)**: [](
    – **Omni-EVM**: While it already has a working (for almost a year now) bridge between Cosmos and Ethereum (which is the only one at the moment that has this full robust capability), Omni-EVM will allow Sifchain to spin up bridges to other EVM chains in the matter of days (chains like: Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Cardano, Klaytn, Metis, Moonriver, Solana, and so so many more). What does this mean?!?! It means that ANY token that exists on ANY of these networks can be imported into Sifchain, swapped for ANY other token, and then exported out to ANY chain you want (puts Sifchain as the central hub of convergence where anyone can fly in and out of with any token). Oh, and swaps on Sifchain costs like pennies to do. So…. yeah. Pretty great.
    – **Margin Trading**: Which will bring in so so so much more activity to the DEX (and therefore more rewards for LPers).

    So… come one! come all! Join our discord too (its legit prolly the best community and discord out there): [](

  19. At this point I am just buying fully undervalued OCEAN coins, to stake them with 18% APY, once OceanProtocol issues its H2O stablecoin as a reward for staking.

  20. I’m earning 19% on single asset staking of NGM on mainnet

    OCEAN protocol new improved staking is launching soon, that will be a great APR as well

  21. I am earning up to 54% in PNT on QuickswapDex and 10% for staking same bag on Eidoo wallet, 117% for staking JUNO then 51% too for staking CTSI on binance, Iโ€™m looking to explore more farming and staking options

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