How important are Layer 0 blockchains?

I just recently got into Layer 0 blockchains and started to understand what they are trying to solve. [This article]( sums it all up really well but for those out of the loop here are some quick notes:

**Layer 0 chains are trying to solve three very important issues:**

* Scalability

* Cross-chain interoperability

* Usability

L0 chains do this by having three main elements – a **Main Chain, Side chain, and an Inter-Blockchain Transfer Protocol**.

Just to name a few, Venom, Polkadot, Cosmos, and Avalanche are all trying to solve scaling and many other issues that ETH and other chains are facing right now. As L1 chains raise in popularity and more users start submitting transactions the fees can become a problem really fast.

From my understanding, this is where L0 chains can come in handy and help offload some of that traffic that doesn’t have to take place on an L1 chain.

What are your thoughts on these solutions and how significant do you think they will be in the future?

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4 thoughts on “How important are Layer 0 blockchains?”

  1. Avax has already shown that people want to use chains that can provide a better user experience and gas fees are the main hurdle.

    If you look at the upcoming ones like Venom which can process up to 1M TPS and compare it to our average output now there is little doubt L0 chains won’t find a footing in the crypto industry.

  2. I think L0 chains have a very bright future. Most people don’t know this but with an L0 chain you can transfer assets from one chain to another even when they aren’t compatible (if the bridging infrastructure allows it).

    There are many usecases and I’m sure they will play a key role in solving scalability.

  3. On top of the obvious perks we can’t overlook their interoperability which makes dev work so much easier. Learning multiple languages just to port a dapp from one chain to another isn’t a future you want to live in.

  4. [Oasis Network](’s approach to privacy and confidentiality through its use of secure enclaves and differential privacy can provide added value for users and businesses seeking to protect sensitive data while still leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology.


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