How does Fluid solve the problems in liquidity?

In this episode of [CryptoCoinShow]( [Ashton Addison]( is joined by [Ahmed Ismail]( CEO and President of Fluid, to talk about the inner workings of crypto trading, market making, liquidity and more.


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**About Ahmed**

* He was a senior investment banker for 15 years in Wall Street.
* After he left Wall Street, he became the co-founder of the first fully regulated OTC in the Middle East called Haven.
* He branched out last year to set Fluid up.



* Crypto liquidity is super fragmented.
* Crypto is a trillion dollar industry that has the same attributes of liquidity to equities about 30 years ago.


**About Fluid**

* They set out their mission to solve the liquidity problem by creating a liquidity aggregator.
* They created an AI-based liquidity aggregator.
* They use AI to cut latency.
* 0.5 seconds of latency equals 2% of gap risk.
* They have two partnerships with leading academic institutions which are Imperial College in London and Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.
* They have around 15 postdoc academic researchers working for them to create hybrid AI models that predict order books on exchanges with very high accuracy.
* They also look at training their models with things like sentiment analysis.
* The aspects and features that affect cryptocurrency markets are far from linear, they’re very complex.
* They use AI to give traders the best execution which means the best possible price on any market within the shortest amount of time to execute.


* People can’t be a broker agent, run a broker agency business and a proprietary trading business all under one roof.
* They started early 2021 and their team is made of ex-bankers.
* Their CTO built electronic trading systems for the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and UBS.
* They got their MVP out which showcases the order book aggregation technology plus the ability to predict order books and prices.


**Fluid’s goal**

* At the moment, their vision is to provide liquidity aggregation technology for the top 20 tokens in the near term.
* Being able to beat the liquidity aggregator in markets even just in $BTC means they take out the arbitrage opportunity and make market makers across all the venues and exchanges to be honest.
* Making markets more efficient.
* Making markets less susceptible to flash crashes.


**Current situation of the market**

* With the downfall of FTX, the market has become massively fragmented.
* The market is more inefficient now compared to a year ago.
* Volumes have dropped and retail traders have been spooked massively.


**Next stage of Fluid**

* Within the AI, there’s a product suite that is fundamentally built on an execution layer being able to take or put in orders into their smart order router that will allow users to get the best possible price.


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