How does Binance generate revenue from BNB Chain?

I can’t find any info online — I’m assuming they just accrue value to their token?

But then how would Coinbase make money from Base without a token (assuming they actually intend to eventually decentralize the sequencer… which I kinda doubt)

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  1. Binance, one of the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, generates a significant amount of its revenue through transaction fees. Due to the sheer size of the platform, Binance processes enormous daily transaction volumes, making these fees a substantial source of income for the exchange. In addition to transaction fees, Binance also earns royalties through various means, solidifying its position as a leading player in the cryptocurrency space.

    This is just one of the few ways where other platforms like Coinbase, QANplatform, Verasity and so on generate revenue. There are also other sources such as providing consulting services, developing custom solutions for enterprise clients, and offering training and educational programs

  2. Same thing for both exchanges they are charging fees to send crypto to wallets. If a user withdrawals wbtc on eth for example binance chrages a fee but they still have to pay the gas in Eth to send that transaction which comes out of their pocket. If a user sends wbtc to BNB chain for instance that is using gas that Binance owns so that fee goes directly to them. Same thing will happen with Coinbases chain any user that withdrawls to that chain those fees are going 100% directly back to coinbase. At least thats my understanding im sure theres more to it.


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