How DeFi could one day liberate finance.

A bank employee reviews your finances, and the lender sets an interest rate for the repayment of your loan. The bank gives you the money out of its pool of deposits, collects your interest payments and can seize your collateral if you fail to repay.

Everything depends on the bank: It sits in the middle of the process and controls your money.

At the same time “DeFiChain” keeps its own consensus mechanism and function set, allowing for all those characteristics that Bitcoin does not inherently have. This is achieved by DeFiChain being a dedicated non-Turing-complete blockchain, designed specifically for the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry built on top of Bitcoin.

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3 thoughts on “How DeFi could one day liberate finance.”

  1. Soon with the likes of ALBT and others working to create a bridge between these two systems, your favorite banks will eventually adopt crypto

  2. DeFi has arrived to reshape the financial sector. No more middlemen; you have complete control over your assets and can withdraw them whenever you wish. This is why I use Unido. Thank you so much, DeFi.


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