How can I start a new DeFi protocol?

Hi all,

I have an idea for a new DeFi protocol, but I have no connection to the blockchain industry. I’m just a random guy (Math Professor actually) who is absolutely fascinated with DeFi. I’ve pretty embedded in DeFi on my own at this point, and believe there is a void that is waiting to be filled.

Any advice on how to do some sort of crypto start-up like this? (I tried randomly e-mailing Ava Labs, Andresseen Horowitz, but got no response. I’m sure they are flooded)


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10 thoughts on “How can I start a new DeFi protocol?”

  1. Message me if you would like to have a discussion. I worked at a bitcoin miner right at launch, am trying to work on a start-up like this, and know a couple people at a few different DAOs

  2. You should probably write a whitepaper before you try to pitch it. Flesh out the idea as much as you can, and then try contacting teams/devs. Also I wouldn’t target such big names like a16z or Ava, I think you gotta start smaller.

  3. Just think of some fancy name like SuperNode OHM DAO , promise some crazy returns and say its totally not a ponzi. Retards will give you millions…

  4. Honestly it’s going to be difficult unless your a dev or have bucks of cash. Solidity devs are one of the most in demand professions currently. I would suggest teaching yourself some and try to build out an MVP. Get involved in the space, talk to folks on discord and Twitter and if you connect with someone talk to them about your idea and see if they have any complimentary skill sets.

    Good luck!

  5. You don’t need permission from anyone. Just build something and put it out there. First step is to choose a blockchain. Then learn how to build dapps on that chain – or hire/partner with someone who can. Then you figure out how to promote it and there you go.

    ‘ok then what?’

    There is no then what, that is it.

  6. depending if you need funding or not you could just deploy your idea to the chain or reach out to people and form a team.

    if you need some advice or want to know how feasible an idea is, please feel free to reach out to me. I got more than a year of experience with solidity and been fullstack for 5+ years

  7. Why decide to build a protocol when there are tons of protocols like e.g TEZO, SPOOL, FANTOM that minimizes risk and reduces the barrier to entry ? Looking into these projects will definitely yield good results.


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