How can DeFi slay the dragon?

If DeFi is to establish itself as a viable alternative financial system, what will that actually look like?

Some thoughts:

\- It needs to be transparent, open and innovative, always: no settling for what’s working right now.

\- It needs to be genuinely open to everyone – not just say that it is. That means greater education, greater simplicity of language and solutions that are tailored to the unbanked.

\- And it needs to figure out how to make multi-chain work: more aggregators, easier bridging and cross-chain transactions, connections that share security and halve complexity.

By focusing on these three north stars, DeFi will fulfil its mission and become a system the world can rely on.

All IMO obviously – would welcome thoughts from others on what DeFi’s priorities are.

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8 thoughts on “How can DeFi slay the dragon?”

  1. I feel like the most important aspects are missing. DeFi needs to be as easy and intuitive to use as any Web2 app. It also needs to be safe to use for the average user.

    As long as clicking a wrong link can drain your assets we won’t see mass adoption.

  2. Imagine what happens when the easiest way to get a home loan is via DeFi. The entire US banking system relies on people constantly buying new houses, and being hooked into 30 year mortgages at terrible rates. It’s the engine that keeps the entire fractional reserve system going, and is the only reason why people keep money in banks, to collect their measly cut of the interest.

    Also state level infrastructure loans. These are the main drivers behind US influence globally, and DeFi can do better.

  3. Excluding privacy when discussing the future of alternative financial systems like DeFi is unrealistic. Privacy is a crucial aspect that sets DeFi apart from TradFi by offering users enhanced security and financial freedom.

  4. I would say it’ll be like Sylo which has been my go-to place for now being that I can send crypto anonymously, and also able to buy things from e-commerce stores with their collaboration with Centrapay.

    The conventional financial system is so compromised and lacks privacy.

  5. DeFi may very well be the future. I think the best way to earn money through Defi is by providing liquidity on uniswap v3. The fees are real so the incentives aren’t gonna disappear anyday. I use automated liquidity managers for my lp so i don’t have to change the ranged everytime it goes out of range. The apr’s aren’t insane but more realistic.

  6. Defi needs to grind levels, make a bunch of friends, and come back together to slay that dragon.

    Just watch out for the welps

  7. If they could also fully embrace RWA, it would expand defi frontiers by a country mile. I’m talking about going beyond just real estate to other aspects like mining and infrastructure (M n I)


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