How are you DCA-ing with a diverse portfolio?

Some questions for you, dear Redditors:

1. How many different tokens are you buying on a regular basis?
2. How often are you buying them? Weekly, daily, monthly?
3. Do you somehow automate this, or do you do it manually?
4. Which network are you on? (Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, etc.)
5. How has your portfolio performed?

Thanks guys 🙂

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22 thoughts on “How are you DCA-ing with a diverse portfolio?”

  1. i got three major token on the Sylo wallet. btc, eth, and Sylo and it not bad DCAing on those gem they are doing pretty while DCAing I’m also anticipating the bulls too be back and while doing that I’m also staking some my Sylo bags since it got a decent apy and collect some good NFT like Flufs on it platform.

  2. I buy everytime i get money so not regularly, but i am in many farms and everyday when i farm i decide where this money is going to, i have a watchlist and most time i buy the cheapest at that moment or build a new farm

  3. I usually DCA to my bag of JUNO, ETH, MATIC TRIAS, OIN, GGM, and NEAR at the end of each month. I buy ETH and NEAR on a regular basis, and then I buy everything after I get paid at the end of the month.

    Of course, I do it manually, and I’m make use of multiple chains. So far, everything has been good.

  4. On a regular basis, BTC DOT ADA EGLD SPOOL

    Done on a monthly basics. I kind of allocate a specific amount of my paycheck for this purpose


    Kind of prefer ETH although the fees are high.
    But spool will be going Multichain in the future so I can get a feel of multiple chains.

    From the last pump I made some good profits.

    As an addition, am considering having a diverse portfolio but with spool when they launch their platforms.
    They’ve got a system that reduces risk

  5. 1. 23. All major L1s, no L2s, some protocols.
    2. At the recovery of a day based red macd.
    3. I don’t trust myself on anything, then how shall I trust a machine then?
    4. “All of ’em”
    5. Quite ok given the fact that I started to invest in December/January.

  6. 1: Mostly native tokens of ETH-killing Chains. FTM, LUNA, ATOM, SOL, AURORA to name a few.
    2: Not regularly, but whenever I notice a 20%+ drop i try to switch a few stables to native tokens.
    3: Manual.
    4: All the biggest ones (Aurora/Near is an exception). I run away from ETH, because of unreal gas fees.
    5: That depends, long term (+4y) is doing great, short term (6m) is around -20%

  7. I DCA into projects like ETH DOT DIA and a few others on monthly or bi monthly basis, that way I can keep track of my portfolio. At the end of the month when I get paid from work, I like to save a wholesome percent in stables, that way it is easy to do whatever.

    I can’t wait for the greens to return as I’ve bought the way down on my favorite coins.

  8. DCAing has been favoring me..I think is the best strategy so far. I am currently DCAing on UBXT, a native token to Upbots trading bot.

  9. 1. Outright buying? None right now. However, everything I have is earning (either staking, productive assets like DFK heroes, or LPing). Closest thing I’ve got to buying is converting the 4% I get back from my Coinbase card into ATOM (which is also earning).

    2. I manually compound various strategies every week or so

    3. See 2

    4. I’ve got digital collateral (BTC, eth, and some usdc) on Aave Ethereum Mainnet, and the loan I’ve taken against that is being actively deployed onto Harmony (more specifically, DFK)

    5. I’ve only been in the space for a little over a year and have made many mistakes. That said, my portfolio has outperformed the s&p 500, or any typical TradFi “safe, smart money” investing strategies in this timeline.

  10. 8 coins. Only DCA on red weeks. Manual. Multiple networks. Portfolio is doing fine coz 70% is in btceth. Additional note: rebalance portfolio on green weeks. Cheers.

  11. I don’t buy tokens daily, My DCA happens every 2 weeks at least or after a major correction. I avoided Ethereum chain completely due to insane gas, so focused on Near & Cosmos ecosystem.

    I bought Atom, Scrt, Oin, Rowan, Near & these are all staked already, earning me passive income. I normally add more from my paycheck every month or sometimes just buy if there’s a dip so far there’s spare fiat I could use.

    The returns are quite okay, I’m still in the green overall, thanks to consistent DCA.

  12. I’m staking OIN, Port (Package Portal) and Mars Colony nfts and with the passive income I diversify my portfolio. I mostly buy FTM, GGM (Monster Galaxy) and ETH.

  13. I don’t buy on a regular basis but OCEAN, ATOM, OIN, ETH and GGM are altcoins I’ve been buying recently.

    I’ve set certain price targets, when a coin I want to buy hits that target, that’s when I buy.

    Setting orders on CEXs is one way to do it.

    I don’t limit myself to one chain ;). I’m actually doing my research on DREEM Metaverse that’ll launch on Polygon this Q1

    My portfolio could look better to be honest but I’m patient, I have accumulated solid FA tokens, so all I have to do now is HODL and stake them. When the market is back, I will be rewarded.

  14. It’s always good to do this with tokens that can grant you other incentives outside the market, one of the tokens, besides the regular top earners like BTC and ETH, that I buy regularly is YLD.


    I buy more every other week as it helps increase my APY on Yield App, and I’m trying to get to the Daimond tier level of over 20,000 tokens, Its a lot cheaper for me to do this on BSC, as the platform is also integrating onto BSC soon.

  15. I have about 10 different Alts

    Depends on the current market conditions. I DCA strategically at support zones, wouldn’t like to catch a falling knife. DCA is manual for me

    I’m on different chains, Cosmos, BSC, MATIC, SOL, AVAX

    My portfolio has performed greatly in the past. Added more OCEAN ahead of v4 launch this quarter. More streams of passive earning coming. GALA and SAND has been a great performer for me as well

    ATOM, EEUR, JUNO, OSMO, NGM pools has given me great passive earning. APR has been great

  16. There is no rule about how many coins I am regularly buying. Some of my biggest positions are DOT and ETH but sometimes I skip them when I DCA. I am doing that once a month. I am usually doing it manually. I like to be involved on many chains, diversification is a must. DOing some staking on Eth-based projects like Freeway and Yield, I am lending on Kalamar which is on BSC. I will probably use that one for leveraged yield farming as well. Looking forward to NFTs on Polkadot, I even mint some NFTs on my own on Unique Network testent. It’s free and everyone can do it. I think that there are close to 2k collections already created.

  17. I plan to diversify my portfolio through my investment in derived finance. Since they allow crypto, stocks and forex trading without slippage and unlimited liquidity too..

  18. Usually I dont do more than 5 tokens at a time, i buy anytime i see an opportunity to reduce my entry point and its done manually, i am on Eth and Avax at the moment, according to coingecko my holdings have performed exceedingly well in the last year thanks to CTSI and SOL, my top performers.

  19. Kinda set a limit for myself on identified gems as it seemed to get too much. Narrowed it down to SCRT ROWAN AIOZ SEFI DAFI XPR GTH ATOM ARGO mainly now. This is besides BTC ETH and BNB. Also got small bags of major L1s for interacting in the ecosystems when necessary

    How often I buy really depends on what the market is doing. I swing from time to time to increase my bags but most of my bags are staked and some have unbonding period. Saves me from paperhanding

    The only thing automated in my life is breathing

    Hardly on ETH lately, DAFI & GTH have gone crosschain with BSC both not too long ago, AIOZ has moved to mainnet. The rest have always been on mainnet

    Mixed results, but even a 50% dip won’t bring my portfolio any close to loss.

    NFTs have been the winners so far for me this 2022😎

  20. DCA-ing, in general, is a terrible strategy that will be likely to lose you money. Why not just wait until your coin is NOT in a clear downtrend to buy? People trying to DCA right now in times of great uncertainty are just being impatient. This is not a holders market, this is a traders market, level to level, in and out.


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