How are DAOs taxed?

I found this useful resource going over DAO tax [

it will be interesting to see how things continue to progress as innovation meets regulation

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5 thoughts on “How are DAOs taxed?”

  1. I guess it should be just like a company would with business rates, or each individual with the DAO profits as capital gains. If one contributes to the DAO and get paid (like DIA DAO) that would come out as income tax

  2. This is a very broad question – likely a limited liability partnership at an individual level if unwrapped. If wrapped, then however the jurisdiction in which that legal wrapper interfacing with the DAO is taxed.

  3. DAOs are actually very old and completely unrelated to crypto.

    They were the basis for things like health insurance and union collections.

    So, it’s not “new territory” by any stretch.


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