How AI will be used in DeFi:

* Predict the market from data analysis
* Automating Smart Contracts, helping to improve the efficiency of Smart Contracts
* Identify fraudulent activities on DeFi
* Lending through credit score
* Portfolio management and investment advice

**The limitations of AI at the moment:**

* AI can’t replace human decision making yet
* AI can’t solve all of DeFi’s problems yet
* AI-based trading system does not necessarily make money
* AI has not yet eliminated the need for trust in the DeFi market (founder scam, faulty contracts, …)

What do people think about AI? Will the next trend be about AI? Are people currently investing in any AI projects? Currently, I am investing in RBIF. A project that I feel is quite good where in the year the value has increased by more than 135%

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2 thoughts on “How AI will be used in DeFi:”

  1. All the things you mentioned which AI will “solve” are already being done by normal bots.


    > Portfolio management and investment advice

    If you’ve spent enough time in this space you’ll know why that’s a terrible idea.

  2. It’s a mistake to think that IA will solve absolutely everything in DeFi, it can be a tool to facilitate but not to solve. This is just my opinion, I don’t have much knowledge about IA


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