History of DeFi – From Humble Beginnings to Accessibility For Mass Adoption

From the beginning of DeFi to the lasted and most complex DEXes out there, this article gives an overview of DeFi’s early progress to ground-breaking developments, pointing to how its vast scope can be applied in the near future.


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6 thoughts on “History of DeFi – From Humble Beginnings to Accessibility For Mass Adoption”

  1. Defi crypto projects really opened a lot of opportunities to investors. There are a lot of ways to earn when it comes to Defi. Example is through a multi-chain lending protocol like Ramp Defi. It helps crypto holders achieve capital efficiency by putting their crypto assets work on multiple funds. Here, you can earn staking rewards, unlock liquidity, and stack multiple yield streams.

  2. I totally agree that the DeFi utility is flooding now and taking a huge step to outrun centralized platforms. This application is also true to Bricktrade, allowing small investors to get fractionalized properties for as cheap as £500. We’re embracing the future now with DeFi.

  3. Love this! I am now more interested in investing in DeFi projects. Their ecosystem is very realistic. I found a defi project on Twitter like KOLnet. They are the first marketing launchpad introducing IMO or initial marketing offerings. IMO’s enable Key Opinion Leaders to access presale project tokens in return for social media marketing. It’s goal is to help start-up projects not to suffer from poor adoption and flat launches. So I like how defi works.


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