High-Fantasy Metaverses?

Hello all— I just finished binging the Lord of the Rings trilogy with my girlfriend. It got me wondering if anyone has created any sort of MMORPG high-fantasy gaming projects. Sci-fi and plain open world projects are a dime a dozen. I need me somewhere to larp as a wizard!

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  1. Mithrilverse might be right up your alley. It’s LOTR inspired. Their game is still in development but the team shares regular updates on the latest development. All dev progress is open on their discord— so far they’ve launched staking and a lottery app. As a disclosure, I own a fair amount of mithrilverse tokens so DYOR but I think it is an incredibly cool project.


  2. Does it have to be a defi game? If you just want ” MMORPG high-fantasy gaming projects”… those are like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more plentiful than sci-fi stuff.

  3. Don’t buy into projects on Binance Smart Chain (their centralized copy-paste clone of Ethereum)

    I think you’d like to look at the Gala Games ecosystem ~ their game Mirandus will be an open-world fantasy game.


    Also I’d like to direct you toward Crypto Raiders and The Red Village. Both awesome projects that integrate defi elements in new and unique ways

  4. I feel like defi and games in general are pretty lacking other than stuff that’s vaguely ‘in the works’. Most sci-fi defi is probably going to go the way of star citizen. Flashy home pages and nothing of substance. A simple fantasy defi game with a nice aesthetic that doesn’t cost $2000 to participate would be nice.

  5. Crypto Raiders is something you would probably be interested in.

    It’s still in the early stages, but the general gist is that each Raider is a character with races, levels, stats, items, skills, etc. that you can go fight in dungeons (currently only dropping items but eventually will be able to earn $AURUM and devs indicated they are targeting to implement within 2 weeks) or go questing to gain herbs that can be sold or crafted into potions.

    It’s on Polygon and volume has been top 10 over past 30 days on OS. A fifth round of recruiting has just begun earlier this week so floor prices have dropped by over half, making it a good time to join in. Most importantly, the community and discord is super supportive of each other.


  6. I’d like to take on metaverse in another angle as in DEFI being an in real life metaverse.

    At least that’s how I feel once I interact back and forth every day non stop in Juno Swap, Osmosis and ATOM.

    Can’t imagine what would happen when NFT marketplace and play 2 earn game becomes available in Juno and/or Cosmos ecosystems.

  7. I think what you are looking for is the perfect example of SURVIVE_P2E.

    The adventure and metaverse entertainment. You can start up with the project

  8. PlayToEarn Games are everywhere now and It is Future of Gaming!!

    But we need to check which one is really a true a game so that we can earn money or NFT’s from it

    PlayToEarn Games will change the Gaming in coming years. I can recommend one game which I think It has the great potential. And Their Team is really a very good one.

    Polker Game : Blockchain based Game. Free to Play & Play to Earn NFT. Although, Hasn’t launched yet. Users can earn rare NFT’s from this game while playing. Going to be huge in the Crypto Gaming Sector.

    Polker Game is one of the famous FreeToPlay and PlayToEarn Game.

  9. Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult is a NFT project that is launching land in March or April. When the land launches you will be able to explore it in game at that time, unlike most land projects. MMORPG aspects like dungeons and professions will be added after as well.

    You can sign up for more info on their land website https://runiverse.world/

    Really solid developers, and one of the only NFT projects that actually puts everything on chain.

  10. METAVERSE AND DEFI are the 2 main technology in Crypto space specially METAVERSE it’s the combination of blockchain and VR and in defi and defi farmings project is upon its own defi or it invest in others defi looking into the risk and risk factors , in the list of top Defi and farming there is AAVE and Newly emerging $Refi. (Reimagined finance)


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