Hex | Pulsechain Should I Buy?

The Pulsechain mainnet is very close to being released.

I missed out on the sacrifice phase. I’ve never held hex before but I’m sure the new Pulsechain is going to be huge. Low gas fees on erc20-cloned tokens. My concern is whether or not it would be adopted the way I imagine it would (Part-time stand-in for Eth). I know Eth isn’t going anywhere but the new Pulsechain may give it some well-needed competition. I see how dedicated and strong the “Hexican” community is, but I could also be completely wrong about my prediction.

Any suggestions on what I should do? (Buy/Hold Hex) or (Purchase Pulse and PulseX tokens after a pullback) or (Try to get in as soon as possible when the mainnet launches) Etc.

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3 thoughts on “Hex | Pulsechain Should I Buy?”

  1. HEX community is extremely small compared to ETH users. Nobody that uses Eth wants a more centralized version of it. I’d stay away from HEX.


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